Make Extraordinary Happen

Wilkie is an approved and current supplier to both the Ministry of Defence (MOD) directly as well as an approved supplier to prime and sub-contractors who then supply the MOD.

Using their ability to combine the wide skill base of engineering, textiles, composite and chemistry, Wilkie provide tailor made military solutions to your exact requirements.

Our technical textile technology has to have the highest performance in the following technical areas:

Radar Camouflage products
Ballistic Panels and Fixed Ballistic Panels
Cover technologies
+ Tarpaulin Technologies
Far Infra-Red Camouflage Textile Technology
Thermal Protection Technologies
Near Infra-Red Camouflage Textile Technology
Tent Technologies

Wilkie thrives on a culture of genuine curiosity and passionate problem-solving.


This comes from our focus on creating technologically advanced textile innovations for industry-leading businesses and the customers we serve.


We are inspired by the challenges that are entrusted to us – and our commitment to making the extraordinary happen lives within each individual Wilkie team member around the world.

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